Another Magazin editor Maisie Skidmore  in conversation with Teichmann about new work and ideas in Exploring the Sensuous Universe of Artist Esther Teichmann



Der Greif (print issue 8)

Cabinet Magazine (print issue 56), essay by Carol Mavor

Art Review (print issue May, Asia), review by Helen Sumpter



Paper Journal, interview by Göksu Kunak

Daylight Digital,  essay by Jessica Brier

Hotshoe, (print issue Autumn), interview by James Brown

So it Goes, (print issue 4), interview by Sophie Wright



The Photographers' Gallery, interview by Daniel C. Blight

EXIT (print issue 51, Looking Back), PDF

Girl Crush, interview by Wendy Withers

FK magazine, interview with Eva Saukane

FK magazine, interview with Evita Goze



Foam (print issue October), interview by Anne-Celine Jaeger, PDF

1000Words (UK, Aug) portfolio of work and interview by Brad Feuerhelm

Aesop (AUS, July) portfolio of work and interview by Freire Barnes



10 (print issue, July), interview by Skye Sherwin 

Photographies, (print volume 4 issue 1), essay by Carol Mavor, edited by Olivier Richon, PDF



Eyemazing (print issue Autumn), interview by Hilaire Avril

Nowness, PDF



Dazed & Confused, interview by John-Paul Pryor, PDF

Guardian  review of exhibition, Skye Sherwin

Dazed & Confused (print issue September), interview by Mimi Haddon, PDF



BeContemporary (print issue October) 

Qvest (print issue 34), interview by Skye Sherwin, PDF

Source (print issue July), interview by Richard West, PDF

Timeout (print issue October), 40 best artists under 40 selected by Helen Sumpter and Ossian Ward, PDF

Bedeutung (print issue Spring)

Art Review (print issue April)



Piktogram (print issue 8), Esther Teichmann & Spartacus Chetwynd collaborative works

032C (print issue 14), Esther Teichmann & Spartacus Chetwynd collaborative works, PDF

Timeout (print issue Sept) exhibition of the week reviewed by Helen Sumpter, PDF

Dazed & Confused (print issue October), PDF


Camera Austria (print issue 93)

Capricious (print issue 4)

Wallpaper (print issue May and October)



ArtReview (print issue September)

Creative Review (print issue March)

V&A Magazine (print issue Spring)